Funny & Bizarre Road Accidents and Cars Slideshow

Enjoy this image slideshow on YouTube. Look at another collection of freak crashs, weird traffic accidents and some very odd automobiles.

Funny and not so funny accidents compilation

Seven Minutes of funny and freak accidents on Youtube. Some make you lough while others are serious and may have lead to serious injuries

  • Mountainbiker tries a risky jump and fails, falls into the water.
  • A boy holds a skateboard above his head, a friend jumps on it and crushes his nose.
  • Kids racing in a shopping cart…
  • Different¬†Bicycle and Motorcycle accidents.
  • Icehockey and Skateboard accidents
Bike Accidents Should Not Happen To YouI found a greate book about Cycling and how to do it securely. You don’t want to end up in a Video on this website, do you?

Funny Rollercoaster Accident

Two young man seek boundaries of this roller coaster. No one gets hurt. Real Accident, no fake.

Sport Republic Outdoor Fashion Vienna

If you are searching for new great looking outdoor fashion in Vienna (Wien) stop now. You found Sport Republic.

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Caterpillar does the barrel roll

Watch this poorly filmed video now. A monstrous caterpillar crashed and tries do a barrel roll. This seems to be a real accident, filmed by an amateur.

Javelin stuck through head

This guy got a javelin stuck through his head! But he survived! For more infos, watch the video!

A Javelin is a throw weapon, used more commonly in the modern athletics discipline: Javelin throw.

Weird Accidents Collection Video

A collection of weird accidents photos! I can’t believe some of them, this is crazy

Man nearly killed in train accident

A truck is smashed from the side by a train and levels a man who obviously didn’t see it coming. This is from a turkish news station and according to the source this man survived! ¬† He could have been easily crushed by the truck or by the train!

Weight Lifting Accidents

Funny things can happen while trying to lift weights! This is a collection of accidents. If you are interested in doing it the right way, gaining strength without the risk of killing yourelf, you may want to read this great tutorial at .

Revolving Door Accident

Another Source

Evil revolving door tries to kill clueless innocent people! Looks like someone tries to enter the worng way form the left? Is this a hit and run? Or is the wind blowing too fast? The glass shattered perfectly fine, like safety glass is supposed to: Instead of large dangerous pieces of glass which could kill, safety glass breaks into tiny pieces which won’t do as much damage.